Welcome back to Term 4, busy last term ahead of us

All children have received a copy of the Lucky Book Club brochure this week from the library.
Two ways you can order are
1. Order online ( this has the added incentive of a free book)
2. Complete the order form and return with payment to Ms Mahoney

All orders must be completed byNOVEMBER 6TH

Thank you 

Maia G Room 6                             


Tales from the Swamp

Tales from the Swampis such an awesome book, it draws you in as
soon as you read the first page. It’s almost as if we are the fish and the book is the fishing rod.
The book (the fishing rod) catches you and draws you in. My favorite story in the book is definitely the first one called
The Witch. I'm not going to say too much about this story because
I don't want to spoil it for you. Make sure to go to our library now and get the book out before
anyone else gets it.

Eden, your friendly librarian
Thank you Rita from Room 11 for writing about God's wonderful gifts.
Lovely message for us from Absalet Room 11. Thank you for sharing your ideas of God's gifts



The Caretaker of Imagination by: Z.R. Southcombe Illustrated by Jane Thorne

WOW, this book is exciting already, and I have only read the first 2 chapters! The story is about adventures, pirates and lots more exciting things.
I can’t wait to read chapter 3! Now I’m reading about magic and the
Caretaker of Imagination. I thought he was never to be found again, but
he has been… Oh no, there is a dragon, wait what, he’s acting like a cat
chasing the ducks… Who would have guessed.

Well, Theo and John who try to find the Caretaker of Imagination need
to distract the dragon, and get round it, so they can find more clues
about the caretaker of imagination, who he is and and what he does.

By: Maja

Quiz for Maori Language Week Sept 10-16

Treasure Hunt in the library