Maja here

Thank you everyone for entering  our Lion in the Meadow quiz and we had  over 30 entries

and the winner is Trinity  from Room 7

I reckon there are some budding artists out there who would like to enter our
                                   LION IN THEMEADOW
drawing competition.
Draw your favourite character from the book and hand into the library by the end of this term.
Prizes will be awarded and the best drawings will be sent into UPSTART
from Eden
Storylines Kids' Pick Competition Storylines in partnership with What Now will launch their competition, Storylines Kids’ Pick, on What Now on TV1 on 31st March. Children all over New Zealand will be invited to vote for the Storylines Junior Fiction Notable Book they would most like to read, based on the reviews and books-sells produced by a panel of young readers. The book that receives the most votes will be identified as the 2019Storylines Kids’ Pick of a Junior Fiction book written by a New Zealand author in 2018. The vote will be promoted live on air over two weeks, with presenters directing viewers to the What Now website  to watch the video reviews of the books and to vote. The winner will be announced on What Now on air on April 14th. Voters will go into a draw to win a set of the Storylines Junior Fiction Notable Books. The books to be voted from as per this press release are: The Short but Brilliant Career of Lucas Weed by Chrissie Walker Whetū Toa and …
Do you know that this book has now been published for 50 years -I think our parents might have read it when we were young

Try this fun quiz - hand in your answers to the library by Friday 28th and we will announce the winner on Monday April 1

                           THERE IS A PRIZE (AND ITS NOT AN APRIL FOOL JOKE)
By Maja

1.What did the Mum keep on saying when the boy said there is a lion in the meadow?
2.Where did the lion hide in the house?
3.What did the lion only eat?
4.Where did the dragon come out of?
5.Did the dragon move or stay in the meadow?
6.What happened to the lion at the end of the story?
7.What was the mum doing when the lion rushed in?
8.Did the boy have a baby brother or sister?
by Jessica  We have a new Graphic Novel series in the library about a young girl Phoebe and her unicorn friend Marigold. There are 7 in the series and in each book they go off on adventures. I thought you might enjoy reading these. I read Unicorn on a Roll  and loved it becuas the graphics are so appealing and its easy to read

Parents and children
                                               Family day events are on Sunday 19 May
                                                                   Aotea Centre
                                             Details of the day's programme can be found
                                     or see the festival's programme brochure in the library
REAL READERS REVIEW: CHARLIE CHANGES INTO A CHICKEN We asked young Kiwi readers all over NZ to read and review Sam Copeland’s side-splitting debut junior fiction novel – here’s what they had to say:

‘Do you know how it feels to change into different animals such as pigeons, fleas, spiders and so on when you are worried? I definitely don’t because I have never changed into one in my whole life. I think the author has done really well because he makes a real picture in the mind of the reader about what’s happening and hooking the reader into the book like they were one of the characters. I personally loved the book because it was a mystery and an adventure and you never knew what was going to come next.’ Maja, age 9, Auckland