Your help is needed

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring all your library books back before stocktake at the end of the school year! Mrs Mahoney needs you to return all your books so she can can count them all!!. So, if you still have some overdue library books at home and you don’t want to get yourself in trouble, please hurry and bring them to school.

Book Club Rules

We have just had our Lucky Bookclub orders delivered which was very exciting.

This a huge thank you to all families who ordered because the school gets
money to buy new books for our library to educate us.

TREES I see tall trees, small trees too! They provide us air that’s what they do. I sometimes    see honey bees,   bumble bees having some fun in the sun with the trees in the breeze. Come on everyone come have some fun with the trees in the breeze.

     Ava 8 years  Year 4
Kauri tree For 2018 years the kauri trees have grown. Each one in their own special row. Their gum is a gem, the gem of life. Their wisdom will put you out of strife. Shine,polish, smooth at last. Don’t you ever try to go fast! Necklaces, crosses, lighthouses and much more. Trust me you’ll never go out the door! Kauri trees are one of the biggest trees you will find. It’s so big it will take over your mind!
That’s the kauri tree!!!   Evelyn
Pohutukawa Tree
Pohutukawa tree, the favorite tree for me.
Blooming Christmas red, warming my covers for me in bed.
Kingfisher’s favorite Their flower kit.
So go sit under a Pohutukawa tree, and look at the red brushes making you the happiest you can be!
Jasmine Age 7
Terrific Trees The touch of the leaves on the tree.
The sound of the leaves
blowing in the winter breeze. The smell of the brown stem. The taste of the juicy fruit.

Jacinta Age 8 Year 4

Here's the cover of the follow up book to

Yours Sincerely Giraffe- we have both title in thelibrary